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WELCOME TO THE ASAA WEB SITE! Some are having a problem signing into our shoping cart. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you're having trouble making a purchase please contact the organizer at:

Contact Richard Michael Gramly, PhD
North Andover, Massachusetts
American Society for Amateur Archaeology Organizer
E-Mail: [email protected]

If you are a return visitor you will need to reload/refresh your browser in order to see any new content added to the ASAA Web Site.

Members and prospective Members will find here current information about our Society and its activities — present and past. Specifically, a new Calendar of Expeditions will be posted every January. The Calendar will also include information about the Society's annual meeting — usually held in November. Since some expeditions have limited enrollments and require meticulous preparation, Members are urged to confirm their participation as early as possible.

Look here also for a listing of new archaeological publications offered through Persimmon Press/ASAA, as well as pricing and instructions for ordering them. Most publications stem from fieldwork carried out by Society Members under the direction of the Organizer -- Richard Michael Gramly, PhD.

In addition, visitors to this web site may view the contents pages of Volumes 1-13 of our journal — The Amateur Archaeologist. We are proud of both our printed and electronic (online) journals and their accompanying series of archaeological monographs. Many fine publications are being planned. The Society intends to carry out fieldwork culminating in essays and/or monographs within every state and, as permitted by law, within every province of our good neighbor to the north -- Canada. A good start towards realizing this cherished goal was made during June, 2003, when ASAA was given permission for an archaeological reconnaissance at St. Paul's Inlet, northern Newfoundland. Readers of our journal may examine a report about this expedition to Maritime Canada in Volume 11(2).

For this web site we must thank Member Sherry Berrigan Pauley (#907) of Bodfish, California and her "web pal" Gary Merlie (#517) of Bethany, Illinois. Both Sherry and Gary share a deep interest in modern and ancient flintknapping. Sherry is a highly competent Web Master, and the Society hopes to benefit from her help in the future.

Students of the archaeological past: Welcome!

Richard Michael Gramly
ASAA Organizer

ASAA Members standing in front of the Phil Stratton site poster presentation at the Palaeo-American Odyssey Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From left, Kirk Spurr (NJ), Eric Lott (MA), Dave Martens (IL), Mike McNew (AL), and Phil Stratton (KY). Photo by Dennis Vesper (KY).

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