Volume 10 (2), 2004, Special Issue about Amateur Contributions to Florida (Underwater) Archaeology

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Special issue (144 pp.) edited by Dr. Robert L. Knight. Includes 79 black-and-white photographs and 17 other illustrations. Quality binding.

I. A brief history of Florida river diving (pp. 1-8) by Jim Dunbar
II. The Florida Isolated Finds Policy — opportunity and responsibility for river divers (pp. 9-26) by Robert L. Knight and Donald Munroe
III. The O. W. Moody Alafia River site — a young boy’s introduction to Florida prehistory (pp. 27-34) by Bill Moody
IV. Discovery of the Middle Paleoindian Ryan-Harley site, Wacissa River, North Florida (pp. 35-42) by Ryan C. Means and Harley Means
V. A new type of prehistoric bone fishhook from North Florida (pp. 43-56) by Ryan C. Means and Harley Means
VI. Dimple stones — an unique and early ground stone artifact type from the Southeast (pp. 57-76) by Thomas Rachels and Robert L. Knight
VII. An analysis of stone tools from a submerged site in Santa Fe River, Florida (pp. 77-92) by Donald Munroe and David Thulman
VIII. A comparative inventory of prehistoric lithic and bone tools found in five shallow gravel bars in the Middle Santa Fe River, Florida (pp. 92-120) by Robert L. Knight
IX. Preliminary archaeological investigations at the Knight Sink site, Alachua County, Florida (pp. 121-144) by Robert L. Knight


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