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The Society's symbol is copied directly from an image on a Nashville Negative Painted ceramic bottle that was unearthed at the Revnik site, near Dover, Stewart County, Tennessee (Gramly 1992: Fig. 56B). Below is shown artist Valerie Waldorf's rendering of the fragment. The Revnik site is dated to about 1400 A.D.

Sherd of Nashville Negative-Painted ware from the Revnik site, Stewart Co., Tennessee.Actual Size

The symbol is a combination of cross and rayed circle—two of the most important and widespread motifs of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, also known as the Southern Cult (see Muller 1998 for details; see Fundaburk and Foreman 1957 for illustrations). The four directions are represented by the cross while the circle may refer to spirituality. Together, the motifs present a powerful, unifying and all-encompassing symbol, which mirrors the long-term goals of the American Society for Amateur Archaeology. Further, the symbol once belonged to a rich, vibrant culture of the North American heartland; ASAA also seeks a central position as a vigorous representative of all amateur archaeologists.

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