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1. Bartush Ranch, Red River valley, TX; 1999 and 2000
2. Big Bone Lick, greater Ohio River valley, KY; 2002
3. Brigham Farm, near Dover, TN; 1998
4. Goodyear site, Town of Elma, Erie Co., NY; 1999
5. Greasy Creek "Holler", southwest MO; 2003
6. Kadoha Village, near Murfreesboro, AR; 2002-2007
7. Kleis site, Erie Co., NY 1998 and 1999
8. Knight Sink, near Gainesville, FL; 2002 and 2003
9. Masonic Hill site, near Hodgenville, KY; 2000-2005
10. Olive Branch site, Alexander Co., IL; 1994-2005
11. Rainbow Ranch, Terrell Co., west TX; 1997 and 2004
12. St. Paul's Inlet, NW Newfoundland; 2003
13. San Lazaro Pueblo, near Santa Fe, NM; 1997-1999, 2005
14. Stratton Farm, Logan Co., KY; 2003-2011
15. Vail site, Oxford Co., ME; 2003
16. Wells Creek Crater, Stewart Co., TN; 1999 and 2000
17. Copelin Valley, KY; 2004 and 2005
18. Rasmussen Ditch, near Garner, IA; 2004 and 2005
19. Powell "Trading post" Bedford Co., PA; 2004
20. Fox Pond/Shaw's Creek, Aiken, SC; 2005
21. Modoc, Illinois; 2007
22. Colbert Co.sites, AL; 2010-2012
23. Sugarloaf Site, South Deerfield, MA; 2013
24. Moccasin Island, Colbert Co., AL; 2012-2014
25. ASAA Mastodon, Bowser Rd. site, Orange Co., NY; 2014