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Olive Branch site, Alexander Co., IL
Selected Very Early Archaic artifacts from the Olive Branch site, Alexander Co., Illinois. Projectile points and drills discovered in the Mississippi River silts.

San Lazaro Pueblo, Gallisteo Basin, south of Santa Fe, NM.
Side-notched projectile point, olla, 7-hole bone flute, manos, comals and metates were routinely unearthed within rooms.

Phil Stratton Site, Logan Co., KY.

Goodyear Site, Erie Co., NY,
Excavation of South Slope Midden, Goodyear hilltop site, ca. 1575 AD.

Kadoha Village Murfreesboro, AR
Del Beck, is at base of 13th-century Midden Covered by Mound 2 fills. Note ancient postholes.

Greasy Creek Holler, SW Missouri
Nick Miller, excavating a 2-m square at Greasy Creek Holler.

Vail Fluted Point Site, NW Maine Highlands. Photographs spanning 1980-2003.

Archived Photos