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The fieldwork culminating in the following publications was supported, fully or in part, by ASAA Members. These works are published either under the ASAA or Persimmon Press imprint; however, payment should be made only to: Persimmon Press/ASAA. Orders should be directed to the Society's business address (455 Stevens Street, North Andover, MA 01845).

Allow three weeks for delivery. All publications will be sent well wrapped. Damaged copies should be returned for no-cost replacement. MA residents add 6.25% sales tax. All books sold in USA only. For out of USA you can contact the Organizer at the address listed above.

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New Publication about Palaeo-American Studies!!

Archaeological Recovery of the Bowser Road Mastodon, Orange County, New York
By Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

With contributions by: Lerick Allen; A. V. Andedji, PhD; Scott G. Beld, PhD; Lang C. DeLancey; Mark Demitroff; Joseph J. El Adli; Daniel C. Fisher;, PhD; Robert Langenburg; Malcolm LeCompte, PhD; Abdel R. Mohamed; Guy Robinson, PhD; A. West; Timothy Witwer, MD; and (Foreword) Russell Judkins, PhD.

The author and contributors address the first Clovis-age mastodon kill and ritual site to be reported for the Americas, contrasting data about bone and ivory artifacts, etc. with records of discovery from Eurasia.

"...the Bowser Road Mastodon excavations and subsequent research represent a quantum leap forward and point the way to things to be looked for at each new mastodon find.....It will help set the standard for information possibilities that are new, perhaps even revolutionary." (RJ)

365 pp.; nine appendices; nearly 200 color Figures plus Tables; heavy tab covers (soft-bound edition) or real cloth (hard-bound version) with dust jacket; enameled stock; sewn bindings; Indexed. Crafted for permanence. $50 (soft-bound) and $75 (hard-bound) plus postage (USA $8/copy; foreign -- rates upon request). All orders prepaid to: ASAA/Persimmson Press, 455 Stevens St., N. Andover, MA 01845 USA.

Each book will be sent within a stout carton via USPS (+ tracking).

(order soft-cover)

(order hard-cover)

by Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

64 pp. with 42 figures -- some by illustrator Steve Wallmann; coated paper on heavy stock; perfect binding with side-wiring for durability.

Year: 2016...........$15.00 plus $5.00 for postage (USA; Canada $8.00).

This small work describes important artifacts and archaeological sites of the Palaeo-American era that came to light in the neighborhood of the Phil Stratton site, south of Russellville, Logan County, western Kentucky during archaeological fieldwork there (1999-2011). It is argued that the Clovis presence in western Kentucky was preceded by the Middle Stage of the Cumberland Tradition.

Origin and Evolution of the Cumberland Palaeo-American Tradition
Proposed Sequence of Earliest Stone Technolology in Eastern North North America, West of the Appalachians by Richard Michael Gramly

60 pp. with 21 figures (some full page) by illustrators Steve Wallmann and Val Waldorf; coated paper and UV-coated cover on heavy stock; perfect binding with side-wiring for strength and durability.

year: 2009; ISBN 1-882903-15-3......$15.00 plus $5.00 postage.

"There have been many models of Palaeo-American dispersal but none that posit Cumberland as the main stock, from which technology and other aspects of culture many have suspected, but none have proved, Palaeo-American roots may lie deep -- certainly much deeper than Clovis."

Bifaces of the Cumberland Tradition
By Richard M. Gramly. 112 pp. + xii pp. 2012
Subvented; sold at cost of printing only.
Only 500 copies produced.
ISBN: 1-882903-16-1
$26.00 Add $5.00 postage

Palaeo-Americans and Palaeo-Environment at the Vail Site, Maine

FOREWORD by J. C. Lothrop, PhD and CHAPTERS by K. A. Puryear, MS and R. M. Gramly, PhD

A New and Updated Study of a Fluted Point-Using Culture in New England.

130 pp., landscape format, hundreds of illustrations, quality softcover with reinforced binding and original artwork. ISBN: 1-882903-14-5

Only 900 copies will be offered for sale......Cost is $20.00 plus $5.00 postage.

Return to Olive Branch.

Return to Olive Branch. (Archaeological excavations 2002-2005).
By Richard M. Gramly.
Quality softbound with foldout frontispiece. 185 pp. Foreword by Prof. Charles McNutt, PhD. With Appendices.
Special double-volume of The Amateur Archaeologist (Volume 13, 1 & 2).
add $4.00 postage.........$30.00

Guide to the Paleo-American Artifacts of North America.

Guide to the Paleo-American Artifacts of North America.
By Richard M. Gramly. Third edition of a standard reference work. 90 pp. 2000.
ISBN 1882903-10-2
add $3.00 postage......$15.95

My One Hundred and One Favorite Artifacts (From the Little River Clovis Complex)

By Carl Yahnig

Softbound, 241 pp. on coated stock, hundreds of color and black-and-white photographs; Foreword by Richard Michael Gramly.

Here are presented 101 provenienced Clovis flaked stone artifacts from sites along the Little River, Christian County, southwestern Kentucky accompanied by engaging commentary by the author. A landmark publication by an amateur archaeologist.

Cost is $31.00 (includes shipping and handling) or order directly from the author at 5050 Striped Bridge Road, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Please enclose payment with order.

The Morss Fluted Point Site, Northwestern Maine.

The Morss Fluted Point Site, Northwestern Maine.
R.M. Gramly. 20 pp. and covers.
Reprinted from Volume 7 (2) of The Amateur Archaeologist.
add $2.00 postage......$4.00

Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Investigations in the Dutchess Quarry Caves, Orange Co., New York.

Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Investigations in the Dutchess Quarry Caves, Orange Co., New York.
By Robert E. Funk and David W. Steadman. 128 pp. 1999.
ISBN 1-882903-02-1
add $3.00 postage......$15.95

Adams: The Manufacturing of Flaked Stone Tools at a Paleoindian Site in Western Kentucky.

Adams: The Manufacturing of Flaked Stone Tools at a Paleoindian Site in Western Kentucky.
By Thomas N. Sanders. 165 pp. 1990.
ISBN 0-9615462-4-7
add $3.00 postage......$15.95

Other Archaeological Publications Available Through ASAA

Prehistoric Lithic Industry at Dover, Tennessee.
By Richard M. Gramly. 138 pp. 1992.
ISBN 1-9615462-7-1
add $3.00 postage......$21.95

Two Essays: Chief and Greed.

Two Essays: Chief and Greed.
By E. Carpenter. 2005. 191 pp. with many photos and other illustrations.
History of the Museum of the American Indian and biography of George Gustav Heye. A landmark study. Also available at

ISBN 978-1882903-13-9. Add $5.00 postage......$35.00

Archaeological Investigations in the Upper Susquehanna Valley, New York State, Volume 1.

Archaeological Investigations in the Upper Susquehanna Valley, New York State, Volume 1.
By Robert E. Funk et al. 400 pp. 1993.
This classic work and its companion (Volume 2) are subvented and sold at cost of production.
ISBN 0-9615462-9-8
add $5.00 postage......$34.95

DOROTHY'S DREAM: Dorothy Middleton and Her Indian Artifact Museum
By O.Kirk Spurr, PhD
A pictorial account of the Thunderbird Museum, New Jersey, which was owned and operated for 50 years by Dorothy Middleton Nelson. Her collection was the fourth largest of its type in North America. Of interest to Collectors of North American Historic and Prehistoric Artifacts.

140pp.; scores of photographs and figures; archival quality paperback with tab covers on heavy stock; perfect binding with side-wiring for strength. ISBN 1-882903-16-1.
$20.00 ($5 Postage, USA; $9 CAN)