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Amateur Archaeologist Online Journal

The Amateur Archaeologist welcomes articles and communications from members; please note that authors waive any claim to copyright if they submit materials for publishing in the Society's journal.

Advertisers are welcome, and they need not be members of the ASAA. Please write for advertising rate cards and specifications. The Society does not furnish its membership list to anyone or any organization for promotional mailings.

2. Artifact Collecting: It's a Hobby, Not a Crime! (posted August 2007) By Lewis B. Smith

7. Frank Hamilton Cushing (1857-1900)—Father of Modern Flintknapping in North America (posted December 2008) By Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

14. F. Marse Ferrel, Jr.—Young Scholar and Collector
(posted January 2010) By Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

16. A Set of Steatite Smoking Pipes of the Revolutionary War Period
(posted March 2010) By Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

25. Ft. Payne Chert: Infrared Laser Spectroscopy (ILS) Dating of Palaeo-American Artifacts and Trace Element Characterization (posted June 2012) By Richard Michael Gramly PhD & David Hunter Walley

26. Comparative Study of Iranian and Indian Dancing Figures Painted on Pottery as an Indicator of Agricultural Ritual (posted September 2012) by Dr. Ozra Rounaghy, Art and Architecture Faculty, Archaeology Department, Bu Ali Sina University, Hamadan, IRAN

27. A Wooden Anthropomorphic Figurine of the Iroquois (posted February 2013) By Richard Michael Gramly PhD, American Society for Amateur Archaeology

31. An Ancient Iroquoian (Cherokee) Wooden Mask from South-Central Tennessee (posted August 2013) By Richard Michael Gramly PhD, American Society for Amateur Archaeology

32. Lunar Calendars or Tribal Tattoos? (posted August 2014) By Mark Siegeltuch
Carl Schuster's life-long study of clothing designs and body ornamentation offers a new challenge to Alexander Marshack's theory of Paleolithic calendars and reveals some of the real mysteries of the art.

41. The Water Symbol Its Origin and Transformation
by Mark Siegeltuch (posted june 2017).

42. Birth from the Knee
by Mark Siegetuch (posted September 2017).

43. The Continuous-Line
The History and Roots of an Ancient Art Form

by Mark Siegetuch (posted September 2017).

45. Crossed Figures A prehistoric motif and its relation to later artistic, metaphysical and mathematical ideas
by Mark Siegetuch (posted July, 2018).

46. Handprints and Finger Amputation
Symbolic Significance and Historical Development

by Mark Siegetuch (posted July, 2018).

Mark Siegeltuch holds a B.A. in history from the City College of New York, an M.A. in medieval history from Fordham University, and an M.P.S. in telecommunications from New York University. He has been a faculty advisor at the Gallatin School of NYU and has taught and lectured on communications-related topics at the Open Center, New York University, and other venues. Mr. Siegeltuch has worked as an editor on a number of books including Social Symbolism in Ancient and Tribal Art (Carl Schuster and Edmund Carpenter) and he is the author of The Thread-Spirit: The Symbolism of Knotting and the Fiber Arts. Mr. Siegeltuch makes his living as a technical writer and trainer in the fields of telecommunication, networking, and software.

47. Review of Carl Schuster's "Skin and Fur Mosaics in Prehistoric and Modern Times" An Overlooked Study that Provides an Essential Clue to the Origin and Meaning of Paleolithic Symbols
by Mark Siegetuch (posted September, 2018).

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