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Amateur Archaeologist Online Journal

The Amateur Archaeologist welcomes articles and communications from members; please note that authors waive any claim to copyright if they submit materials for publishing in the Society's journal.

Advertisers are welcome, and they need not be members of the ASAA. Please write for advertising rate cards and specifications. The Society does not furnish its membership list to anyone or any organization for promotional mailings.

8. Are Neanderthal Portraits Wrong? Neanderthal Adaptations to Cold and their Impact on Palaeolithic Populations
and Afterthoughts about the Neanderthal insulation hypothesis
(posted January 2009) By Duncan Caldwell

11. "Palaeolithic Whistles or Figurines? A Preliminary Survey of Pre-historic Phalangeal Figurines."
An article by Duncan Caldwell, which appeared in the May 2009 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Rock Art Research (Volume 26, Number 1, pp. 65-82. & the back cover). (posted August 2009)

15. "A Call to Arms to save the largest open-air assemblage of Upper Paleolithic art in Europe from being drowned—NOW behind a rising dam at Foz Côa, Portugal—OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND—THE CONSPIRACY TO FLOOD THE SEVENTH WONDER OF PREHISTORY" By Duncan Caldwell (posted March 2010)

23. The Identification of the First Paleolithic Animal Sculpture in the Ile-de-France: The Ségognole 3 Bison and its Ramifications (posted June 2011) By Duncan Caldwell, Fellow — Marine and Paleobiological Research Institute

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