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New England Society for Amateur Archaeology Meetings

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting date at the South Shore Nature Center on SATURDAY, March 18, 2017, TIME: 12-3 P.M.

Chapter member, Bill Moody, will offer a presentation: Discovering the Wonder of Florida Prehistory - The Beginning of a Lifelong Passion for Archaeology

The talk will include a personal account that includes the discovery of his first "arrowhead" in 1959 at his grandparents' property along the Alafia River on the west coast of Florida. Also included will be a brief overview of Florida prehistory along with a power point presentation illustrating numerous artifacts from his Florida collections, spanning the Paleo to the Late Woodland periods. Some of the oldest Paleo Indian sites in North America are located in Florida, which is also known for its remarkable fossil record, as well as for the exceptional quality of many of the chert types that occur there in the state's extensive limestone formations.

To stay up to date you can join our Amateur_Archaeology Yahoo Group, where Society meetings will be posted.

Link to Amateur_Archaeology

Bring your artifacts for written authentication by archaeologist Dr. R. M. Gramly!

RSVP is necessary at this meeting because of seating restrictions within the South Shore Nature Center.

RSVP for buffet lunch or other questions: Bill and Whitney Moody, PO Box 1617, W. Tisbury, Massachusetts 02575. Email: Phone number: 508-939-9053. Lunch provides an opportunity for pre-presentation discussion.

PLACE: South Shore Natural Science Center 48 Jacobs Lane, Norwell, MA

Directions for reaching the South Shore Nature Center

To reserve your seat(s), please contact Bill and Whitney Moody I will reserve you on our list.

Dues per calendar year: $25.00 single; $40.00 family; $10.00 student — NEW MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A COPY OF "TWO ESSAYS: CHIEF AND GREED", by Edmund Carpenter as gift for joining our chapter!

You can contact Secretary/Treasurer, Bill and Whitney Moody, for any information that is not posted here. Or if you would like to join our Chapter, please use these contacts.

Public always welcome!!