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New England Chapter Link

The torch of one of our shining lights in New England archaeology moved on when our good friend Jeff Boudreau passed away unexpectedly on Friday, August 10.

Jeff was almost finished with a new and greatly expanded typology book for our region with hundreds of his high quality photographs and lucid observations of the many and often confusing projectile point types in our area. I have had the great pleasure of helping him in the past with editing, and he was just about to send me a review copy of his new book. We are hoping to get the book published in the future as a tribute to Jeff and to all that he has accomplished.

As well as being a devoted avocational archaeologist, Jeff was a master flint knapper, having been featured for NOVA knapping a Clovis point. This can still be viewed online.

This is the link to Jeff making a Clovis point for NOVA. Check out this video on YouTube

As many of you know, he was a gifted photographer and graphic designer, which is readily apparent in his earlier version of the New England typology book. He has also authored a number of articles for archaeological journals, and his contribution to regional archaeology has been large and invaluable. We will all certainly continue to benefit from his unselfish example and willingness to help anyone who had an interest in archaeology.

Jeff is survived by his wife Elaine and by his devoted children, Matthew P. Boudreau and Lauren A. Courtney, as well as his brothers David L. Boudreau and Gary A. Boudreau. He is also survived by his cherished granddaughter Emma G. Boudreau. Jeff will be sorely missed by all those who had the honor of knowing him.

Bill Moody