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New and standing Members of ASAA are welcome to submit manuscripts for publication in the Society's electronic (online) journal The Amateur Archaeologist Online. This Electronic journal supplants our bi-annual printed journal, which ran from 1994 until 2007 for a total of 13 volumes and thousands of pages. Copies of most back issues are still available, but numbers are very limited. The electronic journal is edited by Dr. R. M. Gramly and Member from California -- Sherry Pauley.

At regular intervals, usually every two years, Members will be informed about the availability of a special archaeological monograph. These monographs are reports of fieldwork or artifact analysis carried out by the Society and its Members. Monographs are offered to Members only at a substantial discount or the cost of production.

In January Members may view a Calendar of Expeditions. These archaeological digs are scheduled for various times and places an are open to Members and their friends only. Costs are kept as low as possible and in many cases fees are less than $40.00. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Since 1994, archaeological fieldwork under the auspices of ASAA has taken place in: New Mexico (San Lazaro pueblo); Texas (Rainbow Ranch Rockshelter, Terrell Co. and the Bartush Ranch along the Red River); Kentucky (Big Bone Lick and Masonic Hill); Tennessee (Brigham Farm near Dover, Stewart Co. and Wells Creek Crater, Stewart Co.); Illinois (Olive Branch site); Arkansas (Kadoha village near Murfreesboro); New York (Goodyear site, Erie Co.); Florida (Knight Sink, Gainesville) and elsewhere. Many hundreds of Members have participated; for many it was their first dig.

An Annual Meeting is held somewhere in the central United States (if feasible). For the past several years this meeting has taken place in western Kentucky during November. Usually there is a reception followed by a brief business meeting and lecture. See Calendar for place/time.

Members are encouraged to contact the Organizer at the main office (see address above; 978-683-4175) with questions about scheduling of expeditions and any archaeological matter. The Society exists to promote amateur archaeology. The credo of ASAA is that all persons, no matter what their background and education, have the right to perform archaeological science.

Organizer R.M. Gramly, PhD

Contact Richard Michael Gramly, PhD
North Andover, Massachusetts
American Society for Amateur Archaeology Organizer

Contact Sherry Berrigan Pauley
American Society for Amateur Archaeology Web Master