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Favorite Links

Favorite Links



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Favorite Links

Indian Artifact,Paleo and History Books.

We carry a wide selection of Indian artifact, history and paleo books. Also, check out our selection of high quality display cases, frames and riker mounts. Our custom made display cases come in a variety of sizes at affordable prices.

dc_waldorf DC Waldorf started flintknapping over 40 years ago. In fact, when he wrote his first book in 1975, The Art of Flint Knapping, there was no popular guide to the art. Now with his other books and the popular magazine, CHIPS, which he started in 1989, thousands of knappers have learned, and the number just keeps growing. However, he has a deep interest in archaeology and works with Dr. Gramly on ASAA digs. At present he is writing a book on Danish daggers and the flint technology of southern Scandanavia.


Valerie Waldorf was a famous artist, illustrating lithics; she illustrated most of our books as well as CHIPS. She also illustrated for Dr. Gramly, with her artwork being featured on this ASAA site. DC and Val also produced many fine videos about knapping and primitive skills. Val was an accomplished videographer as well and with DC editing, the end result was always interesting.

Dane Martin was a co-editor of CHIPS and fine writer, turning out his column in CHIPS, which were well recieved by the subscribers. Mary Martin is now a major part in keeping our web page updated and doing the book-keeping, (thanks Mary!). She also serve's in Dane's Stead.

"Our site is dedicated to educating the public about flint knapping. We have pages on the basics of flintknapping, as well as a complete book and video listing. We feature a very popular web page listing as many knapping events as possible. We also feature pages on resources, listing all kinds of materials, tools, special skills, crafts and more. Each listing includes addresses and links to those individuals. Another page lists a Whose Who, giving names, featured skills and links. Schools and classes lists those who teach flintknapping and the prospective dates. We also have a nice gallery of points for sale. Our page has been listed by the BBC as a link on knapping."


Visit our site at

Duncan Caldwell

Duncan Caldwell
This website contains examples of Duncan Caldwell’s work in photography, painting, landscape and building design, and scientific research. It also contains pictures of little-known works of prehistoric art and information on ordering archaeological tours and lectures.

Dr. Bradley's archaeology web page You will find fascinating archaeological information, books, and DVDs.

ASAA Member Jim Krajacic wishes to inform fellow Members of the fact that he has become a sales representative for White's Metal Detectors and is pleased to offer the full line of detectors at VERY competitive prices. Telephone him at 724-225-8854 for information about detector models and cost.

The Jefferson Institute for Public Archaeology and Historical Research

"Based in historic Lancaster Pennsylvania, The Jefferson Institute for Public Archaeology and Historical Research is a membership organization offering resources, qualification and recognition for avocational enthusiasts. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality and value of amateur participation in archaeology and provide a bridge between amateur and academic resources."
The Jefferson Institute for Public Archaeology and Historical Research

Loveland Archaeological Society Link LOVELAND STONE AGE FAIR
Featuring Displays of Prehistoric Artifacts — All day Skills Demonstrations — Artifact Identification Table — Distinguished Lecture Series — Public is Welcome! Admission is FREE!

Taylor Morrison Author/Illustrator

Caddo Trading Co.
"Indian arrowheads, pottery, and other artifacts."