ASAA - Journal Vol. 13 (1 & 2), Return to Olive Branch


American Society for Amateur Archaeology - ASAA Volume 13 (1 & 2), Return to Olive Branch double issue


Report about 2002-2005 Excavations at the Olive Branch Site, Mississippi River Valley, Alexander County, Southern IL.

Second and concluding archaeological site report about a monumental Dalton encampment dated 9-10,000 radiocarbon years on the banks of Mississippi River.

Authored by R.M. Gramly, PhD with a foreword by Prof. Charles McNutt and appendices by Drs. Kirk Spurr and Marilyn Shoberg. Illustrated with artwork, inked drawings, and photographs by D. Eiswald, V. Waldorf, S. Wallmann and P. Bostrom (Lithic Casting Lab).

Quality, reinforced softbound with foldout frontispiece and site map housed within end pocket; 7 full-page, recreated scenes of ancient life during the Dalton era, 116 inked drawings of important stone artifacts, 111 photographs of artifacts and excavators, and 11 maps & stratigraphic sections; 185 pp; printed on coated stock with UV-coated color covers. Crafted for permanence $30.00 plus $3.00 for postage

A special publication of ASAA (American Society for Amateur Archaeology) and Volume 13 (1 & 2) of The Amateur Archaeologist. ISSN 1096-3871

Foreword by D. Charles McNutt 5
List of Figures(drawings and photographs) 8
Tables 11
I. Recapitulation of Olive Branch;A very Early
Archaic Site on The Mississippi River 13
II. Sequence of Investigations,2002-2005 25
III. Cultural Stratification and New Radiocarbon Dates 49
IV. The Neralich Cache 61
V.A Newly Defined Type of Very Early Archaic Biface 71
VI. The Denny Cache 77
VII.A Dalton Latrine 95
VIII.A Gallery of Artifacts 105
IX. External Comparisons 141
Acknowledgment 148
References Cited 149
Postscript 151
Index 153

A. Retrieval of Artifacts and Other Lithic Materials from a Very Large
Excavation Unit at Olive Branch, 2005 (spurr) 157
B. Microwear Analysis of Olive Branch Site Tools (Shoberg) 167
C. Inventory of Units of Excavation,2002-2005 179
D. Radiocarbon Dates from Olive Branch,1987-2005 181

This site report is dedicated to the memory of Valerie Waldorf, accomplished artist and friend, who was one of the Olive Branch team and ever remains in our thoughts.

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