ASAA & SLS offers to scholars a means of divesting themselves of libraries of non-fictional works that have accumulated over a life-time. In addition to the usual hardbound and softbound volumes, we are pleased to accept fascicles, offprints, pamphlets and other minor works — particularly when they are inscribed and signed by authors. As a general rule, Xeroxed and photocopied documents are not acceptable for resale unless they are "working copies" with notations and a signature. Also, we are pleased to receive libraries of commercial video tapes and discs, provided their contents are clearly shown.

Original manuscripts, both published and unpublished, are welcome, as well as diaries, journals, and miscellaneous correspondence with a factual content. Original photographs with legends are also of interest to us.

Libraries are listed, title by title, with short descriptions and prices. In addition, a brief sketch and photograph of the each scholar whose library is being sold are given. A bookplate to accompany each listed work may be printed if not already present. Anonymous accumulations and libraries whose owner is unknown are not wanted by ASAA & SLS.

The listed contents of a consigned library constitute an inventory and receipt for goods. Payment is made periodically to the consignor as sales are concluded. A reasonable percentage handling fee is charged, a title listing fee (usually $1.00 or less per work), and an exact deduction for PAYPAL charges. Shipping costs for purchases are not borne by the consignor. In general, 25-35% of library gross sales are charged against it.

ASAA & SLS is an excellent vehicle for selling works that normally would be discarded or passed by auctioneers, book shops, and flea-marketeers. Further, customers are able to buy in confidence knowing that their purchases once belonged to a deserving scholar. In this manner the lamp of knowledge is kept perpetually lit.

Consignors are welcome to contact ASAA & SLS using the forms we have provided or write to the address above. No inquiry will go unanswered.

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