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Continuing Fieldwork at the Cedar Creek (Cedar Fork Creek) Mastodon, Morrow County, North-central Ohio.

Dates: 13-23 August 2018
Time: Daily, 8:30 AM - 5 PM
Fee: (towards sanitary facilities, water buffalo, pump and fuel, disposable equipment, plastic bags, etc.) $50.00.

Residence: Camping is permitted at site; a block of rooms is available at a nearby, newly renovated motel (see Mid-Ohio Inn, 880 State Route 97 West, Bellville, Ohio; 419-886-3800).

Requirements: Participation is by permission only; contact ASAA Organizer directly (978-683-4175). Please do not arrive at the dig without permission. Participants will be expected to have read the book, Archaeological Recovery of the Bowser Road Mastodon.

Goals: 1) To expose mastodon food-bone and debris from manufacturing artifacts of mastodon one & ivory; complete excavation of the site is intended; 2) To locate an associated mastodon carcass with an eye to future explorations.

Registrants will be furnished directions to the archaeological site. Participation in the dig can be for a few days or the entire period.

View of butchered and fragmented mastodon vertebrae (primarily lumbar and perhaps cervical) that were brought to light during August, 2017 excavations at the Cedar Creek Mastodon, Morrow County, Ohio. Despite the remarkable shallowness of their burial, the bones are in relatively good condition.

mastodon dig site

As usual, we will stage an Annual Meeting in conjunction with the KY Dam Show, which is held the weekend before Thanksgiving. A lecture is always presented directly after the Business Meeting (which is brief!). Last year a presentation was made about the ASAA Mastodon — an important find.

If you need clarification/amplification/reassurances, contact the Organizer Via the ASAA web site or call 978-683-4175. If I am not in, leave a message.
Richard Michael Gramly @ organizer@asaa-persimmonpress.com