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Archaeological Testing at Bell Cave, Colbert Co., Alabama, 14 May through 21 May, 2016

In conjunction with the McWane Science Center, Birmingham, Alabama, ASAA will excavate at the entrance to Bell Cave, an important paleontological site with a Late Glacial Maximum fauna (caribou, peccary, tapir, etc.), in order to ascertain the size of the original cave entrance. A close watch will be kept for very old stone artifacts. During this period of testing, visits to the Bishop Spring archaeological site in eastern Colbert County will also be staged. Several test-pits will be excavated at this open encampment, which dates to the Very Early Archaic era and Palaeo-American (Clovis, Cumberland) period. Participants should find lodging at Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, or Florence. There are numerous good motels to be had. There is a fee for this dig of $40, which will cover equipment and bagging materials plus gifts to our hosts. Limited to 12 participants.

Annual Meeting at the KY Dam Show:

As usual, we will stage an Annual Meeting in conjunction with the KY Dam Show, which is held the weekend before Thanksgiving. A lecture is always presented directly after the Business Meeting (which is brief!). Last year a presentation was made about the ASAA Mastodon — an important find.

If you need clarification/amplification/reassurances, contact the Organizer Via the ASAA web site or call 978-683-4175. If I am not in, leave a message.
Richard Michael Gramly @ organizer@asaa-persimmonpress.com