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Archaeology and Artifacts of Darke County, Ohio (Vol. 2)
by Elaine Holzapfel

ASAA BOOK REVIEWThe author has been a lifetime resident of Darke County and is, therefore, thoroughly familiar with its archaeological resources. She is an active Member of the Archaeological Society of Ohio and has contributed many articles to its quarterly journal - The Ohio Archaeologist. Elaine Holzapfel has also been a Member of the American Society for Amateur Archaeology since 1994.

ASAA BOOK REVIEW This work, which consists of 12 chronological, cultural and thematic sections interspersed with many pages of excellent color photographs of artifacts, is a compilation of 30-35 brief essays by several authors. For the most part, these essays appeared in past issues of The Ohio Archaeologist. All of them relate directly to Darke County's archaeological record, and it is useful to have them brought together between two covers. Elaine Holzapfel, who authored many of the reprinted essays, is to be commended for re-organizing them in this logical, attractive format.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWFew counties in the United States can boast of a comparable, comprehensive document about its archaeological vestiges. The Archaeology and Artifacts of Darke County, there is every reason to believe, will serve as a model for future endeavors elsewhere.

Reviewed by Richard Michael Gramly, PhD, ASAA Organizer; 2/2016.

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