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My One Hundred and One Favorite Artifacts from the Little River Clovis Complex
by Carl Yahnig

Softcover. Small format. Perfect binding. 241 pp.
Lavishly illustrated — primarily with large-scale, color photographs.
With a foreword by R.M. Gramly.
Limited to 500.
Single copies $25.00 plus $5.00 postage

Order from American Society for Amateur Archaeology.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWThe author has singled out for illustration and analysis 101 stone artifacts among the many thousands of pieces he collected on Palaeo-American habitation sites and quarry-workshops along the Little River, Christian County, SW Kentucky.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWHis choice was guided by several factors: 1) uniqueness or rarity, 2) condition, 3) personal association and collecting history, and 4) importance or relevance to archaeological science. The latter is justified when other archaeologists — especially educators — have agreed with him about the importance of a particular specimen and have decided to feature it in their writings.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWEach of the 101 artifacts is well illustrated and cross-referenced to information about its findspot, how it has been interpreted by archaeologists, and where (within the archaeological literature) these interpretations may be found. Bibliographic references to this literature may be found at the end Carl Yahnig's monograph.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWAlso at the beginning and end of the monograph are outlined the author's very personal perspective about Indian artifact collecting in southwestern Kentucky and the meaning this healthy activity has given his life.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWThe only shortcoming is the lack of an Index; this useful tool should not be omitted from future editions. Among the wealth of data presented by Carl Yahnig, it is difficult to recall on which pages certain important facts occur. An Index would enhance the monograph's value as a handy reference work in the library of a student of the Palaeo-American era.

ASAA BOOK REVIEWHighly recommended.

Reviewed by R.M. Gramly, PhD, ASAA Organizer (5/2012).

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